Frequently Asked Questions


What is a group purchasing organization (GPO)?

A GPO utilizes the collective purchasing power of its members to combine volume and negotiate discounts with suppliers.

Why should I join DayBlink GPO?

DayBlink GPO covers multiple regional areas to ensure that your company’s purchasing requirements are met with the best value options.

If I join DayBlink GPO, do I have to opt into all spend categories for my industry?

No, members have the opportunity to select any/all relevant spend categories for group contracts.

How much does this service cost?

Companies can become members of DayBlink GPO without incurring any membership fees.

How are GPOs financed?

GPOs work with suppliers to negotiate administrative fees based on the purchase price of the goods provided. The fee is not paid by the members by any means and is pulled directly from the supplier as a way to offset their cost of client acquisition. 

After I opt-in, what is the policy on opting-out?

If you would like to opt-out of an existing master contract, please contact your vendor manager to discuss the off-boarding process.

How can I sign up to be a strategic partner?

If you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers, please complete the form on the Contact Us page to start the qualification and on-boarding process.


Will using a GPO affect the uniqueness of my luxury hotel?

While we are focused on getting the best deals on all spend categories, hoteliers are able to pick and choose individual categories to maintain the individuality of your hotel.

We have had our supplier relationships for numerous years and are not really looking for a change in quality. Why should I use a GPO?

The benefit of a GPO is not just to reduce the cost of your existing spend, but to also look for new opportunities that either increase efficiency of everyday functions or increase quality of the products that you use. If you are not able to find specific opportunities that fit for you right now, our vendor managers will make sure to keep an eye out for applicable opportunities.

Do I have to be a luxury hotel to participate?

Currently, we are focused on providing services targeting the luxury hospitality market but we will be identifying other opportunities in the near future.


Our hospital is struggling to provide PPE during COVID-19, would working with a GPO help get essential materials?

Resources are limited during this pandemic but DayBlink GPO does our best to mitigate your worries by managing the operations and requests on behalf of your hospital.  

Why should we utilize a GPO service if we are content with our suppliers and the products provided?

Our purpose is to allow you and your care facility to run at the best operational state it can. By utilizing our services, we ensure that you are given opportunities to reduce costs and maintain consistent products so your hospital can focus on the patients not the bottom line.

Will DayBlink GPO ensure a quality standard for essential items for my hospital?

At DayBlink GPO, we understand that consistent quality of goods is essential to maintaining the standard of care and safety for your care professionals. We work with suppliers to ensure that product consistency is maintained or will work to establish new vendor relationships to meet your hospital’s needs.

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My portfolio spans multiple industries, would DayBlink GPO provide services to meet all of my needs?

Currently, DayBlink GPO is focused on providing services for indirect costs such as computers, software, and office equipment. We are working on expanding our coverage to include some direct costs incurred by your portfolio if it aligns with our other service offering needs.

Will pursuing group purchasing contracts strain my firm’s relationships with suppliers?

Your firm’s relationship with suppliers will most likely change but for the better. By utilizing a GPO service, you can rely on DayBlink GPO’s vendor managers to ensure that the relationship with suppliers will remain healthy and effective as a whole. 

My firm’s portfolio is rather small, are we still eligible to participate?

Yes! The benefit of a GPO is that it is all about the total volume, not your firm’s individual volume.

Does using a GPO greatly change the operations of my firm?

Utilizing a GPO ensures that your team can channel their energy into focusing on the strategic operations of the firm and entrusting us to handle administrative back office tasks.