Hotel rate parity

Understanding and meeting the challenges. Discover new ways to monitor and work with OTAs to maximise revenue.

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What is in the eBook?

  • Parity fundamentals, including: pricing strategy; key players; and its development over time.
  • Online distribution and choosing sales channels strategically.
  • Tips on monitoring and tackling parity problems.
  • Industry findings, backed up by data analysis and research.
  • Infographics, including a timeline and a flowchart of the relationships between hotels, wholesalers, metasearch and OTAs.

Why should I read it?

Surveys indicate disparity is a headache for most revenue managers, so the chances are it’s a concern for you and your colleagues.

Disparity dents your profits by reducing the incentive for users to book direct, damages your reputation, causes customer confusion and dropoff, and creates tension with your distribution partners.

Read this eBook for a review of the historical development of parity and its context as part of your pricing and distribution strategy, and discover new ways to monitor and work with OTAs to maximise revenue.



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